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Professional Astrology Course

First time in India 12 Yrs Back I Started Vedic Professional Astrology Course with 15 hrs duration,

Later on it was increased to 25 hrs duration with Practical Session, Course includes Basic, Advanced, Practical, Gemmology And Mantras,
So knowing Astrology with
Solution is Great Advantage for learner, when they practise, or use for personal purpose,
learner can suggest solution after analysis of Horoscope.

In practical session, I teach to apply basic & advanced Rules, in Horoscope of your Family, Friends, Relatives,
who’s is History – up & down of Life you Know...

Now a days new trend started, being spending lot of money & cheated by fake astrologers, difference of opinion,
by purchasing duplicate Gems, spending money on the name of Pooja & Siddh Yantra, name of Karani,
they come for the course, learn and understand, All Family Members Horoscope with Solution, & saves money.

Interest & learning in Astrology starts from 1977 to today’s date, still R & D going on....
also working in Medical Profession, running 7 Clinics in Mumbai, ( ),
Pioneer of Silver Engraving in India, ( 1986 ), starts manufacturing religious products, sp. Yantras, ( ) 

Working with All India Astrology Federation, Bombay Adult Education Society, Private Coaching, Call Centre Employee Training,
after learning from me so many people started carrier as Astrologer, and successfully practising.

Astrology is the Game of 9 Planets & 12 houses & 12 Signs ( Zodiacs ).

   At the time of Birth, the position of Planets, present in the globe, which we called Horoscope, it is the map of life of that person, thro' which we get guidelines of good & bed events of life, & try to prevent or overcome the dificulties.
   Positon of Moon suggest the Mental / Emotional status of person.

Position of Sun suggest the Public / Soul status of person.
   Position of 1st house suggest the Physical / Mental /Personal status.
Position of 2nd house & its lord suggest the Financial / Family / Speech       status of person.
Position of 3rd house suggest the Adventure / Elder brother-sister status.
Position of 4th house suggest the Mother / vehical / land [ house ] status.
Position of 5th house suggest the Education / children / Share / Lottery      status.
Position of 6 th house suggest the Disease / Service / Enemy status.
   Position of 7th house suggest the Life partner / Bussiness partner status.
Position of 8th house suggest the Death / Disease / mines status.
   Position of 9th house suggest the Luck / Travell status.    
Position of 10th house suggest the Bussiness / Father / Work [ Karma ]       status of person.

Positon of 11th house suggest the Younger brother-sister / Friends / Benefit status.
Positon of 12th house suggest the Expense / bedroom / Bad habits status.

   Position &status of Saturn / Rahu should be checked, because taking palce of bed events in life, their role is important.
   Equally for good events of life Jupiter play the role.

Whatever may be the horoscope, accordingly person gets the happiness / benefits / charm in the life, besides of this the Dashas play a big role in life, if dasha is good than person has not to worry, but when Dashas is not favourable, whatever may be the horoscope, person has to suffer accordingly. 

For this complete horoscope study is required, kindly contact DR.NILESH J.CHITALIA.
Email -   with complete Horoscope ( pdf file by mail ) & Consultation FeesRs.2000/=
or $ 50.00 by demand draft on the name of
    Dr. Nilesh j. chitalia.     
Shri Villa, D-10 /75, Chitaranjan Nagar, rajawadi, R.N.Gandhi Road, Ghatkopar-East.
Bombay-400 077. Maharastra. India.

Only computerized Horoscope with Computerized Prediction Rs.500/= or $ 15.00 ( pdf file by mail )

   Please don't get upset there is a solution thro' which you can overcame the problem of life.
Yantra-mantra-Tantra, Prescious stones, Jaap [ mantra you have to go on chanting ], Hawan-Yagna { special material is put up in the fire with special mantras. } Shree yantra used for Weak Financial Condition / Money gain.

 Learn  Astrology -- Analysis Of Horoscope & Remedial Measures
Learn  Yagna for Laxmi Prapti - Navgrah Shanti etc...
Special Discount Offer for Online Astrology Consultation 
Pl forward Rs. 3000/= or $ 41 Via Paypal ( ) / Western Union / Money Transffer / HDFC Bank Transffer
on the name of Dr Nileshkumar J. Chitalia.  India 21025569  / 9869416481


 Match Making Rs 150/= & Complete Horoscope Rs 500/= by E-Mail

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